Tasmanian Childhood of Lurking Dragons

In the shed, under the bed or even behind the hedge!
You could easily be scared half to death in any of these places
……….by lurking Dragons.

“Here’s a book that’ll suit almost everyone!” Cliched it might be, and not often true, but in this case, it’s probably pretty accurate.

Even though There be dragons is not a very big book, it’s chock full of delightful stories that’ll drop you right back into childhood.

Don’t for goodness sake let your kids or grandkids read it, or they’ll not only get some great new bad ideas, but they’ll discover their ‘elders and betters’ aren’t squeaky clean, after all!

Like many of us, Heather had a  simple childhood. She and her friends didn’t have much more than bits of string and ingenuity, and from scraps of this and that and nothing at all, they fabricated endless fun and games. And it was all free.

She’s produced wonderful, laugh-out-loud stories of this altogether bygone era that make a great social history.

She’s changed the names of the main suspects, for obvious reasons, but most people reading it will recognize their own friends – and enemies – even if the names are different. Stereotypes stay the same, regardless of the age or region you come from.

Don’t miss a chance to go back in time, and maybe even relive your own misspent youth.

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