About Heather Donaldson, Tasmanian author

Heather’s been telling stories since she could talk; and writing them down since, well, soon after.

She’s been widely published in newspapers and online, writing about everything from Tasmanian history to humour as a therapy.

While in this current book, she’s writing about a Tasmanian childhood, her’s is probably typical of a childhood in many places at that time in Australian history.

She’s well known for having started the Power of Humour groups in Tasmania a few years back, so there’s a humorous thread there somewhere.

But she’s written a number of other books, which are mostly pretty serious:

  • Stop Suicide
  • Grow Old Disgracefully
  • Gambling: Know When To Walk Away
  • When Someone You Love Has Cancer
  • Drugs – High Hopes and Sudden Silences

To learn more about her current book, or her writing in general, click this link