Here are some of the fantastic things people have said about this book.

 I have just read the first story … ‘Danny and the Dragons’.  I liked it and I liked the way you finished, telling us that when the Crawfords moved out, the Dragons (who all along had only really been after the Crawfords) … the Dragons went with them. It reminds me of the gentle humour that Kipling used in his ‘Puck of Pook Hill’.  Gary.

Such an unassuming book, Heather, but I’ve got a feeling this is one that I will treasure. G.S.

These stories about the adventures of a band of siblings/ neighbours’ kids could be anywhere, any town in 1940/50s Tassie – typical kids’ street hijinks, perspectives and dramas from a time when childhood was much freer and kids ruled the streets. It is first-person, light/whimsical, from a kid’s POV, but with some adult layers.  There are little sketches at the end of each story/chapter – think a bit Winnie the Poo in layout/design.
I think the stories are well written, amusing, poignant, and will be fun for kids to read as well as adults.  R.D

Finished reading “There be Dragons” last night Heather, love it… especially loved the Pet Parade… quite a few laughs, happy moments and uh oh happenings…. now we need a follow up!    Wendy B.